Weekend Rewind: Party On


On the eve of my 4th weekend of celebrating my milestone birthday, I'm feeling every bit the 30 year old...and then some! I kicked things off at the end of August by partying it up on the Gold Coast with my bloggy mates. The following weekend I was in Melbourne with my husband and another ... [ Read More ]

A Time to Reflect


A milestone birthday is a perfect time to reflect, don't you think? But I'm not talking about life here. I'm actually talking about something way more interesting. To read all about it, check out my guest post over on the Uberkate blog... Find Me Here: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | ... [ Read More ]

What Sonia Wore: The 30th Birthday Edition


Holy quackers! I'm sitting here, utterly exhausted but sublimely happy, having just spent a few days away with great friends in Byron Bay to celebrate my 30th birthday. It's kind of hard to believe that this weekend is the final event of what's been a 4 week celebratory extravaganza. The ... [ Read More ]

Change: Garnier BB Cream #innovativebeauty


You may have noticed that I’ve been doing quite a bit of travel lately. Three interstate trips in three weeks to be precise. Don’t cry for me, Argentina – I’m not headed your way and I’m certainly not asking for your sympathy either. So why am I banging on about my boarding ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Rewind: Birthday Memories


Tonight I’m celebrating my 30th birthday… [Cue: glitter cannons, popping of champagne corks and Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy in Love’] …so this post is short and sweet from me this week. I’d love for you to join in my celebrations and share with me your best birthday memory ever in the ... [ Read More ]



Today I turn thirty. How the years have flitted, flickered and flown by. I have closed so many chapters and today a new one begins. Ready to celebrate and enjoy this milestone. Thankful for the love and the life that I have. Yet all the while knowing the best is yet to come… Find Me Here: ... [ Read More ]

Travel in Style: Shopolla Giveaway


* Giveaway closed. Congratulations to Danielle Colley!* Have you ever listened to a friend bang on about their ahhhmazing US shopping spree that was so much cheaper than here in Australia... ...and possibly wanted to slap them? Check that shopping envy at the departure gate, because Shopolla ... [ Read More ]

What Sonia Wore: Springtime Colours


Isn't Springtime just blooming lovely?! Colour is springing to life everywhere you look - from the trees to the flowers...even to the racks of our favourite clothing stores! I like to call Spring "my season". I'm a September baby (the 12th for those of you playing along at home) and I feel ... [ Read More ]

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer


When we were planning our wedding, Mr Styling and I both agreed that our photos were incredibly important to us. I mean, these are the lasting memories of the biggest day of your life. Moments captured and printed in a treasured album and adorned in photo frames placed lovingly around your ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Rewind: Playing Favourites


Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Google+. Just some of the many social media platforms out there in the webiverse. But unlike our friends, pets or children, we definitely have our favourites. For me, it’s Instagram. I love that it’s a visual medium I can check into at any time, ... [ Read More ]

Feeder vs Zapper

Pop art vector illustration of a woman

There are many types of people in this world, but today I want to discuss two: the Feeder and the Zapper. The Feeder is the type of person you love to spend time with because they feed your soul. They listen to you, make you feel good about yourself, encourage and support you. After hanging ... [ Read More ]

What Sonia Wore: My ProBlogger Outfits


I hope you're ready for a bumper edition of What Sonia Wore today! I'm featuring the outfits I wore at the ProBlogger training event (you can read my recap here) so that means not one, not two, not even three outfits. Today I've got SEVEN outfits in this one post! I have to say, I am one ... [ Read More ]