My ProBlogger Wrap-up


I have literally had a whirlwind 4 days at the QT Hotel Gold Coast at the ProBlogger training event. As I sit here in soft pants, drinking my second coffee with a sleeping Amalfi at my feet, I can't quite believe how lucky I was to experience such an electric time with 500+ likeminded bloggers ... [ Read More ]

Spring Fashion on a Budget


This post is in collaboration with Millers Pop the champagne, Spring is (finally) here! The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up, flowers are beginning to bloom, trees are getting greener and the sun is finally making more than just a cameo appearance. Plus, we can totally get our ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Rewind: The ProBlogger Edition

Gold Coast with a beach full of tourists seen from above. Queensland, Australia

Right now, I'm whooping it up on the Gold Coast! Well, technically I'm at the ProBlogger training event which is actually being held at the QT Hotel on the Gold Coast. Not too shabby a location, I must say. I've been looking forward to this event ever since I started this blog. I'm so ... [ Read More ]

What Sonia Wore: Tie Dye Maxi Dress


This post is inspired by the sunny Gold Coast (which is where I am right now)! When I was in my local Katies store recently, I was suddenly distracted by the most amazing maxi dress begging to be tried on. Now, truth be told, I'm not much of a maxi dress wearer. For a start, Mr Styling is ... [ Read More ]

Styled by Sonia: The Lead Singer


I'm so excited to share with you my official debut as a stylist! I have to say though, I'm very lucky that my oldest and dearest friend is a super talented singer of an amazing band and asked me if I would style her for some very important events she had coming up. Chloe is the lead singer of The ... [ Read More ]

What Sonia Wore: Katies Printed Dress


It's time to sprint towards prints! As we see out the final week of Winter (yay!), this week's Must Have piece from Katies is the Printed Dress. I chose this classic black and white paisley number (in a size 8) to style up for work, weekend and a night out... Look #1: Work With Spring in my ... [ Read More ]

The Secrets to a Perfect Night’s Sleep


This post is in collaboration with Sleepmaker We talk a lot about sleep in our house. It may well be because we are both fussy sleepers. Actually, I know it is. We have an evening routine we always follow, because we're creatures of habit like that. After dinner, I make us both a herbal tea (the ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Rewind: My 30th Birthday Wishlist


Three weeks today I'll be turning 30. I'm a little sad but very ready to say goodbye to my 20s, as it's been quite the decade. I met the love of my life at the very start of it (a month after I turned 20). We've bought, developed and sold houses. Found and renovated our dream home. Travelled ... [ Read More ]

Living with Acronyms


I've been dealing with a couple of health issues for a while now. Nothing major, but they are 2 separate acronyms and pretty darn personal problems to have. Don't worry, I won't go into intimate detail but I do think it is important to share what is essentially the start of my journey with both of ... [ Read More ]

What Sonia Wore: Summer Dreaming


Winter, I think it's about time we broke up. I'm over your grey and dreary sky, bitter winds and pouring rain. I'm ready to start seeing someone new. Summer. I want long days, sunshine and balmy nights. Chilled wine, sunsets at the beach and tanned skin. I've even started thinking ... [ Read More ]

Packing for ProBlogger: Shoes


This is a sponsored post for Spend-less Shoes Sometimes I surprise myself with my great ideas. And I'd say that asking Spend-less Shoes to sponsor me for attending the ProBlogger training event as one of those lightbulb moments. They have totally hooked me up with some fabulous shoes to take to ... [ Read More ]

Weekend Rewind: Bring the Happy


In a week that has been shitful in the extreme for people everywhere - war, loss of life, asshole antics on the internet, stress, sadness, injury, depression - I would like to keep this post short, sharp and extremely shiny. Let's bring the happy! I'd love for you to share what's been making ... [ Read More ]